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Our world of work revolves around our clients insurance needs. We are happy to share some useful resources to complement and build on our promise of 

Great advice is based on great understanding and relationships. It’s why adopting a risk management approach and assessing your unique risk profile is essential to ensuring the right policies are always in place. It’s what sets us apart.

Insurance is no time for compromise. It’s vital to have access to a wide range of insurance options so, once identified, your needs can be effectively met. That’s why we have active relationships with more than 100 major insurers.

Price is always important. But value goes much further. It’s the sum total of the depth of our relationships, the quality of our advice, the breadth of our offering and the efficiency of our systems – all bolstered by our unrivalled buying power as one of the leading general insurance advisory dealer groups. Ultimately though, our key value to you is as your advocate in the event of a claim.

Trust is the cornerstone on which our business is built. It means we do what we say we’ll do. Use our expertise to put your needs first and foremost. And are always transparent about the advice we provide and why we provide it.

IA Portal

We value our relationship with our clients more than anything but sometimes we know it’s nice to be able to do things in your own time. That’s why IA has created an easy-to-use online portal that’s available 24/7 from your mobile or desktop. 

You can use it in a range of ways:

  • Generate and download a confirmation of insurance certificate
  • View all up-to-date insurance summaries – see what policies are in place and view summaries of cover 
  • Report an incident that might need a claim – get the conversation started if you think you might have a claim


Access is easy, you can log in via IA’s website  –  ialinks.net/IAPortal

Training Tools

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IA Cyber Training
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We are Your Advocate

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